Maternity Benefit (Mines and Circus) Amendment Rules.

Ministry of Labour and Employment vide notification no G.S.R. 57 (E), has made amendments to Rule 16 of Maternity Benefit (Mines and Circus) Rules, 1963 where Employers of every Mines and Circus shall online upload a unified annual return in Form X on the web portal of Central Government in the Ministry of Labour & Employment by providing information to the particulars as provided in respect of preceding year. During inspection the Employers are requested to produce to Inspector their accounts, books, register and other documents maintained in electronic form or otherwise and in any case if Employer of a Mine and Circus on whom this act applies sells, abandons or discontinues the working of the mine or circus then Employer within period of one month of the date of such sale or abandonment or four months of the date of such discontinuance shall upload a further unified return in Form X as mentioned in Sub-Rule 1 in respect of the period between the end of the preceding year and the date of the sale, abandonment or discontinuance